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Life moves fast - funds should too. Through COS, Cross River’s Operating System and API-based core, create a streamlined connection to The Clearing House’s RTP® network. It’s time to enable customers with immediate access to funds.

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Real-time benefits anytime with Cross River’s API connection to RTP®

Real-time settlement of funds

Available 24/7/365, real-time has no down-time. RTP® provides settlement of funds within seconds after business hours, on weekends, during holidays, and any time in between.

Real-time cash flow

Equip your customers to manage day-to-day cash flows better by working with authorized RTP® sending and receiving FIs like Cross River. Leverage Cross River’s subledgers to manage your customers on an individual basis, providing them with the visibility they need to take advantage of RTP®.

Real-time risk assessment required

Allow your customers to settle transactions in seconds and let Cross River’s RESTful APIs take care of the rest.

Real-time direct API connection

With a direct connection to The Clearing House’s RTP® network, there’s no need to rely on any third-party providers for end-to-end, real-time money movement. Cross River’s technology makes money movement more efficient for you and your customers.

Real-time transaction allowances

With a transaction limit of $1M per transaction, the RTP® payment rail allows you to send and receive more funds with less friction.

Uses for RTP®


Should I offer RTP® along with ACH, wires and other payments products? 

Different types of payments and services offer varying levels of speed and delivery methods. Adding RTP® to your product offering facilitates flexible opportunities for your customers, providing choice and increasing the value you provide. 

What is the RTP® network? 

The RTP® network is the real-time payments system from The Clearing House. It is the first new core payments infrastructure in the US in over 40 years. The RTP® network is accessible to financial institutions that either have a direct connection to The Clearing House or create a connection through a third-party provider. RTP® enables consumers and businesses to send and receive payments within seconds 24/7/365 

Is the RTP® network available globally? 

No, the RTP® network is only available to make payments between bank accounts in the United States. Both the receiving and sending bank must be participants in the RTP® network. 

Are there any limits for RTP® Transactions? 

Currently, credit transactions up to $1,000,000 per item are eligible as per The Clearing House.

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