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Investing in the future of finance

Cross River Digital Ventures invests in the next generation of companies shaping the future of financial services.

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Connecting Fintech

How we partner

At Cross River Digital Ventures, we help our founders by connecting them to our vast network of fintech knowledge and resources. We work to establish and strengthen strategic relationships that support the growth and continued success of the companies with whom we partner. 

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Building Technology

Our story

At Cross River, we are changing the world by building technology that enables the delivery of innovative financial solutions to millions of consumers and businesses. Our proprietary, core infrastructure is the foundation on which the most impactful companies build their foundations and fuel their brands. Cross River Digital Ventures invests in the fintech pioneers of tomorrow, supporting early-stage companies at the intersection of financial services and technology, in turn, enabling passionate founders to change the world. 

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The Digital Ventures Team


CrossRiver Headshot HillelOlivestone

Hillel Olivestone

Head of Corporate Development 

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Arieh Levi


CrossRiver Headshot RossBasner

Ross Basner