Digital Lending

End-to-end lending capabilities

Enable unique borrowing use cases with Cross River’s loan origination technology, built-in compliance frameworks, and capital markets solutions.

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Product Overview

Launch digital lending programs

Best-in-class lending enablement solutions to launch and scale your program - from loan application and origination, to securitization and sale.

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Origination & funding

Capital markets

Compliance oversight

Cross River's choice to build a banking core speaks to their appetite for solving complex problems. This deep commitment to their own tech stack played a big factor behind why we chose them to implement our programs.


Renaud Laplanche

CEO & Co-founder Upgrade

We're thrilled to partner with Cross River as we continue to expand the ways we serve our merchant and consumer customers.


Chris Bracken

Chief Revenue Officer Momnt

Second Look Programs

Holistic decision making for borrowers

Fair lending

Financial inclusion

Personalized support


Full-stack digital lending

Key features

Build solutions across the loan lifecycle.

Loan licensing & origination

Underwriting validation & compliance

Funding solutions

Second look programs

Liquidity & financing

{ "Loan": { "LoanNumber": {{loanNumber}}, "IssuingBankId": "CRB", "Platform": "string", "LoanType": 1, "NoteDate": "2019-12-31", "BorrowerLastName": {{$randomLastName}}, "BorrowerFirstName": {{$randomFirstName}}, "BorrowerDOB": "1986-12-31", "BorrowerSSN": {{borrowerSSN}}, "BorrowerAddress": {{borrowerAddress}}, "BorrowerCity": {{$randomCity}}, "BorrowerState": {{borrowerState}}, "BorrowerZip": {{borrowerZip}}, "LoanAmount": 1500, "NetFunding": 1300, "Rate": 0.2, "APR": "10", "BatchId": "string", "BorrowerPhone": {{$randomPhoneNumber}}, "BorrowerEmail": {{$randomEmail}}, "Amortization": 0, "Term": 36 } ]
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Uses for digital lending

Buy now pay later

Consumer loans

SMB loans

Auto loans

Debt settlement & consolidation

Lines of credit

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We bridge the best of both worlds. The technology support you want, combined with the banking expertise you need to create a customized banking solution no matter what your business needs may be.