Principal Finance Group

Asset based financing to accelerate growth

Cross River’s Principal Finance Group provides capital to fintech platforms, specialty finance companies, and credit investors.

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Product Overview

Institutional grade capital with flexible credit structures

As collateral-based capital providers, Cross River offers financing for cashflow producing assets.

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Credit facilities

Seasoning facilities

Loan retention

Loan purchases

The expansion of our credit facility with Cross River, a partner that genuinely identifies with our business goals, will allow Best Egg to provide millions of renters nationwide with more flexibility in their finances and help them to be money confident.


David Sullivan

Managing Director of Best Egg Flexible Rent Best Egg


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Key features

The Principal Finance Group is uniquely situated to support the differentiated capital needs of platforms throughout their lifecycle. Partners range from venture backed companies to publicly traded asset originators.

Broad asset and product coverage

Closed loop funding solutions including platform ABS issuance

Access to a network of capital providers to achieve flexibility, size, and scale

Fully committed, partially committed, and uncommitted variants

Cost-effective funding solutions across the enterprise lifecycle

Cross River is the trusted financial services organization that merges the established expertise of a bank, with the innovation and product offering of a technology company.
Asset classes we support

Small business

Unsecured consumer

Home improvement



Debt settlement

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We bridge the best of both worlds - merging advanced tech innovation with the expertise of a bank. Craft the perfect banking program no matter what your business needs may be.