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Enabling faster earned wage access

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Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t good enough 

Earned wage access, also known as on demand pay, is the new kind of payroll. Imagine rideshare drivers waiting for monthly checks in the mail for their completed rides or hourly workers waiting days for standard ACH processing times.  As the time between service delivery and payment shortens, service providers across industries can better manage their finances.  



Enable payment rails that let your customers get paid faster 

Faster payments are the solution. Cross River’s Real-Time Payments (RTP®) from The Clearing House as well as push-to-card payment rails offer instant fund settlement to customers. On demand pay provides workers, struggling with paycheck to paycheck living, instant access to wages, supporting their cash flow management and financial well-being. These solutions also provide other benefits such as reducing workforce attrition.  



Benefits for your Customers 

  • Offers financial flexibility

  • Positive impact on “emergency funds” 

  • Assists in retaining talent  

  • Increased access to funds allowing for improved cash flow management 


Explore all that Cross River has to offer

Cross River’s API-driven banking core enables a full-service solution for earned wage access providers. Add features like cards or accounts for your customers, service your customers’ loans with our Marketplace Lending APIs, consider alternative payment rails to move money seamlessly, and diversify your business.