Bank Rails

Account-to-Account Money Movement

Cross River’s multi-rail, API-based bank core connects companies to payment options that work best for their customers.

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Product Overview

API-based payment solutions

From near real-time rails to interoperable, instant payout solutions, Cross River’s products provide businesses the opportunity to build custom banking experiences.

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Real-time payments can help businesses build amazing experiences for consumers by delivering money when they need it. We are excited to expand our relationship with Cross River for innovative payment solutions on top of an API-based processing core.


John Anderson

Head of Payments Plaid


Settle funds with Cross River’s APIs

Key features

Build a stronger payment tech stack for a wide range of use cases and customers.

A single integration across rails

One unifying onboarding process

Interoperable instant payments with RTP & FedNow

Unlimited subledgers for optimal efficiency

Seamless experience for future growth

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>' -d '{ \ "accountNumber": "2553179843", "amount": 15000, "creditor": { "routingNumber": "011000138", "accountNumber": "456789000", "name": "Corey Hendly", "addressStreetName": "Spooner St", "addressBuildingNumber": "34", "addressCity": "Quahog", "addressState": "RI", "addressPostalCode": "00093", "addressCountry": "US" }, "purpose": "gift money" }
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Uses for bank rails

Account verification

Merchant settlements


Peer-to-peer transfers

B2B commercial payments


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We bridge the best of both worlds. The technology support you want, combined with the banking expertise you need to create a customized banking solution no matter what your business needs may be.