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Expense management for small businesses

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Small businesses are confronted with time intensive budget management 

Budget management and fund allocation require time and resources that can strain small business operations. Small business owners often struggle with controlled allocation of funds and the separation of personal and business credit.  


Integrated expense management through credit cards, making it easier to manage a business 

Business credit card programs can offer expansive expense management to businesses by centralizing budget management across employees and divisions. Cross River’s credit card BIN sponsorship program enables you to provide a customized cards program to your customers that connects with the existing expense management tools you operate. By providing this embedded financial experience, business owners can focus on their growth instead of on the more time-consuming aspects.  

Benefits for your customers: 

  • Real time expense management for all employees 

  • Efficient budget controls  

  • Cost effective  

  • Increased visibility of expense by department and category  

  • Separation of personal and business funds 



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Cross River’s API-driven banking core enables product integrations to build a full-service solution for commercial expense management software providers. Add features like cards or accounts for your customers, service your customers’ loans with our Marketplace Lending APIs, consider alternative payment rails to move money seamlessly, and diversify your business.