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Corporate cards for a not so corporate America

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Most SMBs have capital limitations  

Small to mid-sized businesses and start-ups often don’t qualify for traditional funding from banks. Founders or business owners rely on business or personal credit to obtain the capital needed to grow their businesses, often putting them on shaky financial footing.  


Corporate card programs that expand access to capital and increase credit 

With the right issuer and card network, a card program expands business access to capital immediately. As a BIN sponsor, Cross River provides customized card solutions through API technology and relationships with major card networks such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Additionally, a corporate card program allows business owners to build business credit for long-term growth, separating it from personal credit. 

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Cross River’s API-driven banking core enables a full-service solution for small business service providers. Add features like cards or accounts for your customers, service your customers’ loans with our marketplace lending APIs, consider alternative payment rails to move money seamlessly, and diversify your business.