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Financial solutions for logistics management

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Transportation operations are complex, with multilayered financial oversight

Transportation and logistics companies navigate complicated day-to-day operations with large fleets, which require intricate supply chain management and involve high execution costs. Without a centralized and convenient payment system, service can be stalled or delayed.


Customized, card programs for increased efficiency

Utilizing credit cards allows individuals in the supply chain to act quickly and systematically. Drivers are the key participants in this chain and are crucial to a fleet organization’s success. When a transportation company offers instant payment options through personalized cards, it means that their drivers can use a single card to purchase fuel, conduct maintenance or service, buy essential products, pay for tolls, parking, emergency tows, repairs, and many other travel expenses.


Benefits for your customers

  • Increased flexibility for fleet-related expenses

  • Efficient transactions and cost management

  • Retain drivers with ease of financial transactions

  • Manage high costs

  • Fuel management

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Streamline maintenance process

  • Easy calculations of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Adhere to budget


Explore all that Cross River has to offer

Cross River’s API-driven banking core enables a full-service solution for transportation and trucking service providers. Add features like cards or accounts for your customers, service customer loans with our platform lending program oversight, or consider other payment rail options to expand your services and diversify your business.