Cross River x Sardine

Sardine leverages Cross River’s APIs for fraud detection technology


Sardine: a solution for fraud detection

Sardine is a risk and fraud prevention platform that detects identity, account funding and account takeover fraud. By building a business that interjects compliance and regulatory frameworks between fiat and digital asset transactions, Sardine’s tech stack creates a safer financial ecosystem.

The opportunity: A modern method for a traditional rail

Let’s consider ACH. ACH is a popular funding mechanism for digital wallets: it’s cost effective, fast, and offers better conversions (successful transactions) than card rails. An increase in funded accounts implies more active and engaged users for companies across fintech.  

With ACH, however, comes the potential for fraud, and Sardine aims to fix this problem. To complement the execution of their strategy, Sardine needed a banking partner that was tech-driven, understood their technology at an intricate level, and was able to support Sardine’s robust fraud detection technology. Sardine identified Cross River as a strategic fit. 

With Cross River's APIs, powered by Cross River’s Operating System (COS), Sardine provides its clients access to instant ACH transactions with high approval rates, high minimums, and larger transaction volumes. This API-based partnership also means a direct connection to the Fed, offering Sardine’s ecosystem a reliable system to process payments through with no intermediary. By partnering with Cross River, Sardine and its users avoid ACH file failures and remain unaffected by any outages that may impact third party processors. This benefit, combined with Sardine’s accuracy in fraud prevention, ensures that Sardine’s clients have the highest uptime possible to transact and settle funds safely and securely.  

Cross River’s technology also provides real-time notifications of returns via webhooks, creating a smoother communication process for Sardine and its clients. In addition, ACH via COS allows partners to designate multiple settlement windows that Cross River offers: standard, same-day, and later settlement. Cross River’s ACH transaction model provides users the opportunity to choose one or all methods to transact, accommodating varying preferences across audiences.   

With an API-first, core banking infrastructure like COS for money movement, Sardine provides its fintech clients an even more advantageous tech stack, setting them up for success and scale.  

Results: partnering with a reliable banking technology to fight ACH fraud   

Sardine’s partnership with Cross River has allowed core customers from their fraud management business to now also look to Sardine for API-driven, ACH money movement solutions. API-based ACH originations provide Sardine an enhanced level of granularity to specific transactions — a key component of their fraud solution that is difficult to manage with the file base process inherent to non-API ACHs.  

These offerings allow Sardine clients to benefit from efficient, secure, and reliable payment streams, developed and deployed by the most fraud and compliance focused teams in the industry. 

How else can Cross River's APIs support your business?

We bridge the best of both worlds. The technology support you want, combined with the banking expertise you need to create a customized banking solution no matter what your business needs may be.

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