US Small Business Administration (SBA)

Paycheck Protection Program

PPP Forgiveness, Repayment and Servicing

Important Notice: Remain diligent when receiving communications regarding forgiveness assistance or demands from any source claiming to represent the US Small Business Administration, Cross River Bank, Cross River Bank's partners, or any third party. Please carefully review the forgiveness instructions below and avoid responding to any outside solicitations, which could represent attempts from scammers using publicly available borrower information. Cross River has only approved the servicers listed on this webpage. If you have any questions or concerns about a forgiveness or repayment communication received related to your PPP loan, please confirm that the communication received matches the information listed below.

Cross River Bank cannot accept any physical loan forgiveness applications directly. Please find helpful information below to determine how you can proceed with forgiveness for your PPP loan.

For PPP Loans Received in 2021:
We are partnering with Scratch for all loan servicing of your PPP loan. From their online portal, you can set up your account, apply for loan forgiveness or pay down your loan if you're unable to receive forgiveness. If you have not received your welcome email from Scratch or have general questions about PPP loan servicing, please reach out to their support team directly for assistance at support@scratch.fi or 844-727-2684.

For PPP Loans Received in 2020:
Please find your loan servicer information below.


If you received your PPP loan in 2020 directly through Cross River, through ApplePie or BlueVine, we have partnered with Scratch to provide you with forgiveness information, access to the loan repayment portal and general support.

Visit the Scratch PPP Center

Email support@scratch.fi

Call Scratch at 844-727-2684


If you received your PPP loan in 2020 through Kabbage, please contact Lenders Cooperative for forgiveness information, access to the repayment portal or general support.

Visit the Cross River powered by Lenders Cooperative Portal

Email crossriverppp@lenderscooperative.com

Call Lenders Cooperative at 800-947-5495


If you received your PPP loan in 2020 through Intuit QuickBooks, please log in to your Intuit QuickBooks account or contact Intuit QuickBooks support for forgiveness information, access to the repayment portal or general support.

Visit the Intuit QuickBooks PPP Center

Log In to QuickBooks

Call Intuit QuickBooks at 800-446-8848

Please do not send any PPP forgiveness applications or funds directly to Cross River.

A lasting impact

Cross River Bank is proud to serve as one of the top PPP lenders in the country, reaching more than 375,000 businesses. With an average loan size below $25,000, we have supported the most vulnerable small businesses in our communities.


PPP Forgiveness

Find more information to determine if you should do forgiveness through the SBA or through Scratch.