Use Case

Enabling merchant fund settlement

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Payment processors and merchants need to settle transactions  

Merchants need to ensure reliable, accurate and efficient processing (within seconds) as well as guaranteed fund settlement for consumer purchases. A merchant wants streamlined solutions for fund settlement.  


Merchant acquiring payouts through restful APIs  

COS, Cross River’s Operating System, supports several fund settlement solutions to enable secure experiences, including direct connection to The Clearing House’s Real-Time Payments (RTP) network, efficient ACH payment rails, near real time push-to-card debit disbursements, and API connections to major card networks. In addition, Cross River works directly with payment processors like Stripe and Trustly, offering proprietary API technology to move money from customer to merchant in a variety of ways.  


Benefits for your Customers

  • Increase sales  

  • Expand POS processing options  

  • Offer more than one settlement time  


Explore all that Cross River has to offer

Cross River’s API-driven banking core enables product integrations to build a full-service solution for merchant payment processors. Add features like cards or accounts for your customers, service your customers’ loans with our Marketplace Lending APIs, consider alternative payment rails to move money seamlessly, and diversify your business.