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Trustly offers settlements in seconds for merchants and consumer payouts

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Trustly: open banking for merchants and consumers  

Trustly, an open banking platform, works with merchants in e-commerce, online gaming, and travel industries to integrate payment options at checkout. The platform offers merchants an efficient way to accept funds and provides consumers an easier way to make payments. 

The opportunity: Real-Time Payment fund settlement at checkout  

Trustly offers consumers a complete embedded financial experience at merchant point of sale by partnering with Cross River to offer fast money movement for those transactions—in this case with Real-Time Payments (RTP® from The Clearing House). Cross River, an early adopter of RTP®, has APIs connecting directly to and from The Clearing House’s RTP® network, enabling quick fund settlement options.  

As a money service business, Trustly benefits by being able to offer faster fund movement and efficient settlement options to its sub-merchants. This encourages businesses to rethink business payment models and expand the possibilities of cash flow enablement. Capabilities such as payouts in seconds not only encourages user growth, but also revenue growth.  

Delivering real-time payments to sub-merchants, in this case for online gaming, is advantageous for the sub-merchants' business model. Payment modalities such as RTP® provide improved experiences for all parties involved. Payment processors like Trustly benefit their sub-merchants greatly by providing immediate fund settlement to their customers, thereby helping to attract new merchants overtime. With RTP® available to merchants, Trustly’s clients are able to settle funds with their consumers, upfront, in seconds. 


Since Trustly began offering RTP® to its customers in 2022, real time payment transactions (total dollar processed) are up 235%. In addition, the total number of transactions processed per month has seen a 357% increase.  

Not only do these numbers indicate the success that real time payment rails can provide payment processors, but also the inclination of users to process through payment processors offering real time rails. When looking for a banking partner, Trustly understood that while any bank can move their merchant's money, with Real-Time Payments, they can provide the differentiation of speed. By offering real time payment fund settlement to their ecosystem of partners and consumers, all parties benefit.

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