Card Payments

Enable payments via card

Cross River’s technology enables companies of all sizes to accept, process, and access global payments across major card networks.

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Product Overview

Convenient, global money movement

Cross River’s technology enables seamless fund transfers globally, in near real-time, to a recipient’s existing Visa, Mastercard, or regional debit cards.

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Acquiring solutions

We can leverage the experience of Cross River and combine it with our work in risk mitigation and automation to make fast transfers on the debit network more streamlined and efficient than ever before.


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COO Astra


Expand pay by card

Key features

Work with merchants to process transactions seamlessly across card networks.

Allow frictionless card transactions

Efficient processing

Real-time funds disbursement

Global transactions

Advanced technology for modern day merchant settlements

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Uses for card payments


Merchant payouts


Loan disbursements

Digital wallet funding



Which card networks are eligible for push-to-card services?

Visa and Mastercard networks are accessible with Cross River’s push-to-card API calls.

Are there currently any limitations for international push-to-card solutions?

Funds can be transferred to international Mastercard or Visa debit only from a Cross River owned domestic (U.S) account.*

Does use of push-to-card require partners to prefund an account?

Yes. Cross River’s Operating System (COS) and Cross River’s reserve accounts can be used for new customers to prefund their P2C transactions.

Does the push-to-card program work with credit cards?

Push to card programs are generally used with debit cards. Cross River partners most often use the P2C program to push funds from a bank account to an eligible debit card number.

Is there a transaction amount limit for push-to-card?

While each card network adheres to established limits for transactions, Cross River collaborates with partners to help establish the recommended program framework and limits at the time of implementation.**

Does push-to-card support purchase transactions for merchants?

No. Push to card network gateways like Visa Direct were created with the purpose of modernizing money transmissions. Their primary goal remains to empower consumers to send money globally, not for the purchase of goods and services.

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