Intrabanking solutions for instant settlement.

XPay is Cross River’s intrabank funds-movement solution, enabling 24/7, 365 instant transfers and immediate settlements across all Cross River Operating System (COS) accounts overnight and on the weekends. Inner movement. Outer impact.

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Expand the possibilities for your customers

Instant settlement rail

A real-time payments solution for COS partners powering instant push or pull transfers and immediate settlements. Transact and settle USD within seconds across the COS ecosystem using Cross River’s intrabank API call, 24x7x365.

Net settlement convenience

Cross River’s centralized banking core connects everyone in the Cross River COS family and automates each account balance adjustment. Developed to reduce manual cost and increase efficiency, net settlement eliminates the need for a batch settlement process.

Ecosystem efficiencies

Operationalize your entire financial ecosystem through a singular, reliable, integrated system built on Cross River’s cutting-edge, intuitive API driven technology.

Uses for XPay

*Must have existing relationship with Cross River’s Operating System (COS)

Instant fiat on/off ramp

Treasury operability: reduction in tied-up capital, increased liquidity

Transactions between buyers and suppliers

Optimization of fund movement between mutual customers



Is XPay automatically available to all Cross River partners? 

XPay is available to partners who were onboarded and approved to use XPay. All accounts must be configured accordingly. The XPay send and receive (for both push and pull) settings are disabled when products are created for partners in COS. COS Support must configure the partner’s product accordingly to enable them to perform XPay activity.  


Does XPay allow users to push and pull funds?  

Yes. XPay is an internal payment rail in COS which allows partners to push and pull funds between each other instantly and guarantees immediate settlement. 


What is the difference between RTP and XPay if both offer instant settlement?  

Unlike ACH, Wires, or RTP, an XPay payment does not leave the bank. It enables any account in COS to instantly send and receive funds from any other COS account. Both partners must be configured to participate in XPay. 

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