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Wires are an are an effective and secure method to move money. With Cross River’s comprehensive Fedwire support and internal COS banking system, funds settle quickly—typically within minutes to hours

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Effortless with APIs

Effectively connect FIs through technology

Restful API connections for Cross River’s partners permit a unified portal experience for customers and send electronic wires securely between different financial institutions.

Settle funds individually on a rolling basis

Cross River’s proprietary COS banking system processes wires immediately with no specific settlement windows during business hours. Transaction data is sent individually instead of in batches to settle funds efficiently, typically within minutes to hours. Settlement of funds is immediate, final, and irrevocable.

Amplifying existing payment infrastructure

API calls for wires provide the flexibility to embed wire transfer functionality. By leveraging COS, partners can seamlessly integrate Cross River’s products into any payment infrastructure regardless of existing technology capabilities. Cross River’s APIs provide implementation ease for any framework.

Uses for wires

Mortgage transfers

Account transfers

B2B commercial payments

  • This represents yet another example of us executing against our master plan for expansion, with a trusted, tech-forward bank, whose mission is aligned with our own.

    Cross River is the trusted financial services organization that merges the established expertise of a bank, with the innovation and product offering of a technology company.

    Fredi Nisan

    CEO RYVYL (formerly Greenbox POS)


What are the wiring instructions to receive funds in my COS account? 
Cross River’s routing number is 021214891. Please contact our team to learn more.

What bank information do I use for the beneficiary? 
It is important for partners to contact the beneficiary bank to obtain the appropriate wire transfer instructions. 

If I originate a wire payment and the receiver's account is within COS, will COS automatically convert my request into an internal transfer? 
No, COS will treat this as a wire payment which will be forwarded to the Fed. 

If a wire is originated after my cutoff time will it still get processed on the same day? 
Wires received by Cross River after your contractual cutoff time are generally processed the following business day. 

If the receiver's routing number is invalid, will Cross River reject or return the wire? 
You will receive a synchronous error response to the origination request indicating that the routing number is invalid. 

Are OFAC scans performed on wire payments? 
Yes, any OFAC holds resulting from the scanning process must be reviewed by Cross River’s internal BSA/AML team. 

Is there a transaction size limitation? 
Access Cross River’s wire API for quick transfers and greater payment thresholds than ACH. Cross River does not require callbacks for up to $1M USD. 

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