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Mastercard, Cross River and Viamericas Offer Quick Mobile Access to Money at ATMs


October 17, 2018

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Oct. 17, 2018

Mastercard, Cross River and Viamericas Offer Quick Mobile Access to Money at ATMs

First In-Market Activation of Mastercard Cash Pick-Up™ for Simple and Quick Access to Funds

PURCHASE, N.Y. - Viamericas this week delivered on the promise of easier access to funds with the launch of the Mastercard Cash Pick-Up cash disbursement service.

During the initial program, Viamericas agents across the country will begin receiving their weekly sales incentives in cash from any enabled domestic ATM. The difference is they won’t need a debit card or bank account, thanks to this new service. When funds are made available, Mastercard Cash Pick-Up users receive a text message with an order number, a four-digit PIN and directions to the nearest enabled ATM, where they can withdraw the cash immediately.

“For decades, ATMs have required two things – bank accounts and plastic cards,” said Dan Goodman, senior vice president, ATM Product Management, Mastercard. “Cash Pick-Up is evolving ATMs by using advanced digital technology to enhance the consumer experience – providing easy access to money sent to them anywhere, anytime.”

The Viamericas program is a service of Cross River, available through more than 5,000 independent ATMs across the United States. Thousands more ATMs will be enabled with the Mastercard Cash Pick-Up technology by 2019.

“Cash Pick-Up is the latest addition to our suite of disbursement services which we are bringing to market that gives our clients choice over speed, cost and method to send funds to their employees and customers,” said Gilles Gade, CEO, Cross River. “This service supports a variety of use cases, such as compensating gig employees, reaching the underbanked, and disbursing emergency funds.”

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