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It's Time for an OS Upgrade: Your Core Banking & Lending Systems Need This

Fintech Confidential

June 5, 2024

1 min read

In a must-listen to episode of Fintech Confidential, hosts Tedd Huff and Nate Bray sit down with Cross River’s Head of BaaS and Cards, Anthony Peculic, to explore the evolving landscape of fintech and provide a deeper understanding of how finance is becoming more integrated with technology, and what this means for the future of banking and customer interactions.

The trio discusses:

  • The evolving roles of banks and the future of financial services that are integrated directly into everyday tools and applications

  • How regulations are shaping the finance sector and the role open communication plays in adapting to new rules

  • The ways banks are pivoting to changes in interest rates and customer habits

  • A peek into Cross River's unique API-based operating system (COS) that empowers fintechs to make handling finance easier for businesses and consumers alike

  • Insights and predictions into how the interactions between fintechs and banks will continue to evolve, creating a more connected experience

Listen here or wherever you catch your podcasts!