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Cross River Releases 2023 Social Responsibility Report—Continues to Lead Industry in Impact, Delivering for Underserved Communities and Promoting Economic Inclusion for All

Cross River

April 17, 2024

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Known for its values-driven business model, Cross River continues to break down barriers for individuals and communities through its responsible and innovative offerings, financial inclusion initiatives and extraordinary Foundation@ giving arm

With an unwavering commitment to financial literacy, volunteerism and charitable giving, the Company has dedicated its time and resources to nearly 350 organizations in 2023

FORT LEE, N.J. - Cross River Bank (“Cross River”), a leading provider of technology infrastructure and embedded financial solutions, is proud to present its Annual Social Responsibility Impact Report, showcasing its community impact, giving and philanthropic activities and collective commitment to fostering the greater good. Through strategic partnerships, community collaborations and dedicated volunteerism, Cross River has made a significant positive impact on underserved communities globally in 2023, supporting nearly 350 organizations and has matched more than $150,000 through its employee match program.

“Through our leading technology and offerings but mostly, our commitment to giving, we continue to lead our industry in our ability to change people’s lives whether near or far, and we are humbled to share a glimpse into the impact over the last year,” said Gilles Gade, Founder and CEO of Cross River. “We believe in the power of fintech and have witnessed the change firsthand—individuals need access to innovative and responsible resources to break down barriers and live their dreams. We are proud of what we’ve done over these past 16 years and Cross River commits to continue to answer the call.”

Driven by innovation, technology and creativity, Cross River and its employees actively engage with diverse organizations to foster a better future for all. This commitment extends beyond Cross River's home in New Jersey, reaching communities worldwide. In 2023, Cross River and its employees generously supported nearly 350 organizations financially and through active volunteerism. Additionally, Cross River matched more than $150,000 through its employee match program, conducted over 1,100 volunteer hours and hosted over 30 financial literacy programs for the community spanning different age groups. The Company’s dedication to philanthropy is a testament to the unwavering commitment of employees at every level of the organization.

Embracing the philosophy of “giving without borders,” Cross River’s dedication to giving back remains at the fore as the Company continues to broaden its reach. With an ever-expanding global presence, Cross River is leading the charge on making a collective positive and lasting impact on a larger scale.

The complete Cross River Impact Report for 2023 is available for viewing via this link: Cross River Impact Report 2023.

For more information or to get involved, please visit Cross River Giving Back.