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Cross River Makes Generous Contribution to Heroes to Heroes Organization

Cross River

September 6, 2022

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Grant funds life-changing journey to Israel for female veterans suffering from PTSD and moral injury 

NEWARK, N.J. - In an astounding show of support, Cross River has graciously made another generous gift to the Heroes to Heroes Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting combat veterans suffering from PTSD and moral injury.

On Sunday afternoon, more than a dozen female veterans, along with leaders from Heroes to Heroes and Cross River, gathered at the Newark Marriott in a spirited sendoff for a new class of Heroes to Heroes program participants on their way to Israel for a 10-day journey of epic proportions.

Several times a year, Heroes to Heroes takes veterans to Jerusalem for an opportunity to experience spiritual healing and reconnection to their faith, whatever it may be. Regarded as the perfect intersection of three major faiths, Israel offers not only an environment of historical reverence, but deep energetic and spiritual connection.

“The journey to Israel has been a profound experience for our program alumni, offering a safe space to explore and reconnect with a faith that has been lost due to the effects of moral injury experienced in combat,” said Judy Isaacson Elias, CEO and founder of Heroes to Heroes.

A recent study conducted by Dr. Joseph Currier, a foremost expert in moral injury, interim clinical director at Veterans Recovery Resources, and professor of psychology at the University of South Alabama, supports the efficacy of the Heroes to Heroes program.

According to Currier, the curriculum “has shown to steadily reduce PTSD symptoms and painful struggles with faith or spirituality connected to moral injury.”

Ultimately, considerable studies have shown that a reconnection to faith has been shown to reduce suicidal ideation or attempts by veterans. And the study is something that Cross River SVP of Global Public Affairs Phil Goldfeder wholeheartedly supports.

“Founded on the tenets of community and giving, Cross River is always looking for new ways to support our veterans and shape a better tomorrow, especially for our true Heroes,” said Goldfeder. “We’re proud to once again partner with Heroes to Heroes through our Foundation to support this trip to Israel and provide a safe space for our veterans to process and heal through this physical and spiritual journey.”

Members of Cross River’s team in Israel will also join the group for a dessert reception on September 8 to show their support.

Cross River is no stranger to providing lifelines to those who need them most. When the organization opened in 2008, its sole purpose was to provide financial services to those in need. Cross River was also a critical player in providing PPP loans to underserved demographics during the 2020 COVID pandemic and it continues to support small businesses today.

“Partnering with Cross River has been an inspiring experience,” says Heroes to Heroes founder and CEO Judy Elias. “We are so grateful for organizations like them that help us to provide as many healing opportunities as we can to our veterans. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Together, Cross River and Heroes to Heroes are dedicated to helping veterans heal and find opportunities for connection. Learn more about Cross River and its work in communities at home and across the globe on their website.

For more information about Heroes to Heroes Foundation and its work in providing emotional and spiritual healing, suicide prevention, and peer support for veterans who suffer from moral injury, click here.

About Heroes to Heroes

Heroes to Heroes Foundation is a non-denominational 501(c)(3) organization providing emotional and spiritual healing, suicide prevention and peer support for all combat veterans experiencing challenges with moral injury or returning to civilian life following deployment. Through its 28-month supervised program and specialized curriculum, participants are able to connect with their emotions, faith, family, peers and nation. For more information on the Heroes to Heroes program, visit