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Cross River, Financially CLEAN and Visa Host Financial Literacy Event for NYC Students at the New York Stock Exchange

Cross River

April 26, 2024

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Event emphasized Cross River’s commitment to breaking down barriers, advancing financial inclusion and supporting underserved communities

The day’s activities furthered Cross River’s ongoing mission to expand financial literacy and build a brighter, stronger future

FORT LEE, N.J. - Cross River Bank (“Cross River”), a technology infrastructure provider that offers embedded financial solutions, teamed up with Financially CLEAN and Visa to host a financial literacy event at the New York Stock Exchange for New York City high school and college students in celebration of April’s National Financial Literacy Month. The event educated students about the importance of financial literacy, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to manage their money responsibly and empower them for a brighter financial future.

“We were built on a foundation of financial inclusion, giving and serving the underserved,” said Eden Hoffman, Head of Global Communications at Cross River. “Our work with Visa and Financially CLEAN is empowering students, showing them the power of community and how modern financial services can help them live their dreams, and we are thrilled to continue this partnership.”

Held on Friday, April 19th, the day consisted of a series of engaging discussions led by financial experts from Cross River, Visa, the NYSE, the Federal Reserve, Financially CLEAN, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides FREE financial literacy education for youth and young adults, and Hopes, Dreams, Dedication, Inspiring Change (HDDIC), an organization devoted to meeting the needs of displaced families and single adults with physical, mental and developmental disorders in an atmosphere of wellness.

"Financially CLEAN targets the youths before they can legally establish credit,” said Shaun Lynda, Founder of Financially CLEAN. “I believe the earlier we teach positive financial habits and promote good credit the greater the likelihood these practices will continue. Resulting in creating wealth for themselves and generations to follow.”

Throughout the day, over 130 students learned about building credit and growing wealth, received a macro-economic perspective, and gained insight into the role financial institutions play in the economy.

Images and video from the day can be found here:

The event illustrates the strong focus Cross River places on promoting financial education and expanding community outreach initiatives, particularly in underserved populations. The Company has a long history of supporting financial literacy initiatives, including sponsoring workshops and events for students and adults alike.

For those interested in learning more, please visit: Foundation@ Cross River.