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Cross River Card Solutions Drive Fintech Innovation and Power Financial Inclusion

Mike Senecal

May 9, 2023

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In a Nutshell: Financial technology companies are a primary source of innovation in modern banking. Behind the scenes, Cross River provides financial products and a service platform to drive that change. Consumers benefit from greater access to credit and innovative solutions that allow for credit building such as rewards products and BNPL services. Businesses benefit from customizable card solutions for expense management, payment solutions and platform integrations that extend flexibility. Cross River’s innovative platform embeds financial experiences in multiple use cases, delivering fintech innovation and financial inclusion across the industry spectrum.

Financial technology, or fintech, companies integrate digital technology into financial services to build new markets and reach established ones in new ways. They drive digital transformation and competition in traditional financial services by expanding the marketplace and creating new product opportunities and efficiencies.

From lending and banking to cards and payments, fintech companies are making themselves felt and are changing how consumers interact with their financial partners.

Banks, however, still provide the infrastructure behind all that innovation. Financial services are highly regulated, and banks offer compliance and risk management structures that strive for stability and responsible access while keeping customers coming back.

Cross River exemplifies the modern connection between the banking and technology industries. Leading fintech partners leverage Cross River’s proprietary operating system to connect to its centralized infrastructure and deploy products tailored through application programming interfaces.

Cross River’s compliance framework empowers partners with security, risk management, and compliance systems.

Since 2018, the Arizent group of business information brands and Best Companies Group named Cross River one of the best places to work in fintech for five consecutive years. In 2023, Cross River was also selected as the “Best Banking-as-a-Service” platform by FinTech Breakthrough Awards.

“Expanding access to financial services is always the goal,” said Anthony Peculic, Head of Cards at Cross River. The company offers platform lending, and payment solutions in addition to the card program Peculic oversees.

“Fintechs gain inroads in markets the big banks have traditionally ignored, perhaps because they felt there wasn’t enough money to be made,” Peculic said. “We empower financial brands to offer more inclusive solutions and reach new markets.”


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