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Cross River and Aeropay Partner to Boost Instant Payouts for Gaming

Cross River

February 7, 2024

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Expanded instant access to winnings is a victory for players

Partnership built on API-technology enables faster onboarding for operators

FORT LEE, N.J. - On the cusp of Sunday’s “Big Game” and the upcoming college basketball playoff season, players in the gaming industry can now receive their winnings instantly, thanks to a partnership between Cross River Bank (“Cross River”), a technology infrastructure provider that offers embedded financial solutions, and Aeropay, a leading digital payments provider. The partnership marks an expansion of Aeropay’s current offerings.

“Providing 24x7, secure access to funds has become imperative to not only business survival but an improved consumer experience, particularly in the gaming sector,” said Keith Vander Leest, Head of Payments at Cross River. “We’re proud to partner with innovators like Aeropay, who are solving pain points across verticals and providing real-time and instant access to user funds.”

With a focus on transaction compliance and state-by-state regulatory approval, Cross River and Aeropay utilize custom API integrations to seamlessly onboard operators and give players access to instant payouts, while providing security through real-time transaction monitoring. Facilitated by Cross River, an early participant in the RTP® network built by The Clearing House, instant payouts allow users instantaneous access to their winnings on the weekends, building player satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, a recent study found that 79 percent of gamers will opt for instant digital disbursements when offered.

"Partnering with forward-thinking institutions like Cross River enables us to deliver more tangible value to users and operators," said Daniel Muller, CEO of Aeropay. "With RTP enabled, players gain instant access to payouts. Operators benefit by their ability to streamline their payout process and reduce settlement times, resulting in more satisfied customers."

One of Cross River’s fastest-growing RTP® providers, since enabling instant payout capabilities, Aeropay has seen a peak of 50% more high-frequency users, signaling the value of instant payouts to Aeropay users. RTP® payouts are processed in real-time, making funds available immediately — whether it’s a holiday, weekend, or after banking hours — in contrast to traditional ACH payouts that require hours or days to complete.

Cross River’s Operating System and API-based core create a direct, streamlined connection to The Clearing House’s RTP® network to facilitate efficient end-to-end money movement. Learn more about Cross River’s API instant payment capabilities here.

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