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Microdeposits go instant

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Traditional microdeposits aren’t fast enough 

As customers increasingly interact with money digitally, ensuring that funds reach intended recipients and validating accounts in real time are paramount to supporting this ongoing shift. Both businesses and consumers require reliable financial systems to efficiently and securely verify these accounts on their behalf, for a seamless transaction experience.  

Fast account verification with faster payments*  

When connected via APIs, microdeposits can settle as fast as data travels — instantly. Microdeposit programs provide a solution for recipient account verification and are an optimal tool for transaction “pre-checks.” By sending less than 2 cents from an RTP® or FedNow® enabled account, payment originators can confirm receipt in seconds, verify beneficiary identity, and confidently initiate a subsequent transfer with the balance amount – settled immediately, with API-driven payment rails.  

Benefits for your customers:  

  • Instant account verification 

  • 24/7/365 access 

  • Increase trust and reliability  

Learn how Plaid put microdeposits to use

*Cross River partners can also leverage same-day ACH for microdeposit account verification. Same-day ACH is not an instant payment rail and funds are not available immediately as they are with RTP® and FedNow®.