A Fintech’s Guide to Debt Financing

Leonard Losquadro | Director, Strategic Direct Lending and Finley

October 11, 2023

1 min read

Raising debt capital is a resource intensive endeavor for fintech platforms of any stages. Unfortunately, the dearth of quality and reliable information available creates a time-consuming journey for the management team. This is why I was so pleased when Josiah Tsui from Finley reached out to co-publish a ‘How to” guide on raising debt capital. 

As outlined in the guide’s introduction, there are two ways for companies to raise capital: equity and debt. Equity raises are those that regularly appear in headlines. Debt financing is less common, despite the central role that asset-backed structures play in enabling fintech platforms to scale programs. This guide acts as a "playbook" for leaders to reference for hiring, KPIs, diligence preparation & vendor selection.  

The team at Finley spearheaded what I’m pleased to say is a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain an understanding of how fintech companies can tackle the world of debt capital.  

Read the full guide here.