Our Impact

Gilles Gade, Co-Founder and CEO

April 25, 2024

3 min read

At Cross River, we live by our core values— Humility, Integrity, Creativity, Compassion and Responsibility. They form the bedrock of our convictions, give us purpose and create the space to continue to do good as we grow.

Doing good through giving is part of our DNA. Our commitment to others began the day we opened our doors; we embraced the drive to keep becoming better and make the world a better place. Above all, we do good because it is the right thing to do. We are proud of what we’ve done over these past 16 years and Cross River commits to continue to answer the call.

These values drive the core of our business model. We view every loan we originate and every payment we process as enabling our partners to provide access to funds to those who need it most – whether it be those trying to afford everyday life, or whomever simply needs access to their funds faster. We started Cross River in the midst of a financial crisis, with the goal of being a different type of institution, bent on making a difference through financial inclusion and literacy, accessibility to credit and democratization of banking services.

Through these, we’ve witnessed the change in consumer behavior, happiness and financial stability. We applied the same vision and laser focused strategy during COVID-19. The pandemic had a devastating impact on small businesses. Through our technology, partnerships with fintechs, a healthy dose of compassion and a sense of responsibility, we said “Yes” where many said “No” and assisted close to 500,000 small businesses with average PPP loan size of $27,000. We wholeheartedly believe in our mantra and remain steadfast in bringing solutions to modern day problems, while never compromising on consumer protection and adherence to the rules of engagement.

While we do this at scale and programmatically at the business level, we are fortunate to have a Foundation that enables us to do this on an even more personal level, and ultimately reinvest the proceeds from our business to impact even further.

This could not have been more evident when Israel was brutally attacked on October 7, 2023. Since then, the Cross River family on both sides of the ocean has rallied together, giving their time, energy and resources to help family and friends in Israel. In the weeks following the war, Cross River donated and transported hundreds of tons of medical supplies to emergency first-responders in Israel. Through matching donations, Foundation@ raised over $1 million to be distributed to various charities. Whether packing supplies, helping partners with shipping logistics or volunteering their professional expertise, each member of our Cross River family contributed to the communal good, exemplifying our core values of compassion and responsibility.

Through our partnership with hundreds of charitable organizations worldwide, we've come to learn and appreciate that the genuine heroism of the people doing the work lies not in grand gestures or displays of strength, but in everyday acts of kindness, compassion and unity. We're privileged to witness this firsthand, daily.

I'm pleased to share our 2023 Foundation@ Impact Report. As you explore its pages, I know you'll share our marvel at the inspiring stories, empowering initiatives and reaffirming outcomes from diverse organizations—all a testament to our collective commitment to fostering the greater good. Each narrative within these pages underscores the remarkable potential we unlock when we unite with purpose and resolve.

Thank you for empowering us to extend our impact even further, and to do even more good.