Nurturing Growth: The Journey of Cross River's Award-Winning Onboarding Program

Bernard Garrigues, Chief People Officer

December 14, 2023

3 min read

Witnessing the evolution of our onboarding program has been nothing short of remarkable. The recent recognition with the Bronze Award from the esteemed Brandon Hall Group is a testament to our unwavering commitment to employee development and seamless integration.

From the outset, it was clear that we needed an onboarding experience that introduced new team members to our company, and immersed them into our culture and core values. In response to our continuous growth, the leadership team recognized the need for a formal onboarding program that would equip new hires with a comprehensive understanding of Cross River. This vision set the stage for the creation of "I am CR."

On orientation day, you'll receive a swag bag with company branded items, truly immersing you in the Cross River experience from day one. By providing these thoughtful and personalized items, we created an instant sense of belonging and make new employees feel right at home.

Collaboration has been the linchpin of this endeavor. Dedicated colleagues of our People Experience Team, alongside Operations and Subject Matter Experts, came together to bring this vision to life. These cross-functional efforts paved the way for a program that exceeded expectations, all within the span of a year.

Ready. Set. Go.

"I am CR" is more than just a series of sessions; it's a transformative journey spanning three months and three distinct phases - "Ready," "Set," and "Go."

To craft a program that would stand out, we embarked on a benchmarking journey, drawing inspiration from industry leaders in the talent acquisition space. The design process was a collaborative venture, with key stakeholders brainstorming and mind-mapping each session. Our team collaborated with executives and leaders from various departments, as well as with Marketing, IT, Public Affairs, Benefits, and Talent Acquisition, to ensure seamless delivery.

Initially conceived as an in-person experience, we swiftly adapted to changing circumstances, integrating virtual options to provide flexibility while upholding engagement. This adaptability allowed us to maintain the program's momentum, running weekly and accommodating the high volume of eager participants.

From journey to impact

The impact of "I am CR" on our community has been truly extraordinary. Within just two months of its launch, the program garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. So much so, that we announced its mandatory implementation for all employees globally. A significant portion of our colleagues have completed the full program, resulting in an astonishingly low attrition rate among participants.

This success has n bolstered Cross River's reputation as one of the Best Places to Work in Fintech for 6 years in a row, in addition to leading a substantial increase in employee referrals.

“I am CR" stands as a testament to our dedication to the growth and success of our employees. Through strategic planning, innovative design, and unwavering dedication, Cross River has set a new standard for onboarding excellence. We have shown that investing in our employees' success is not just a choice, but a cornerstone of our business prosperity.