Money20/20 Lookback: New perspectives on SMBs, Cards and More

Rachel Benning, Director of Strategic Projects - BaaS & Cards, Cross River

November 1, 2023

2 min read

Money20/20 always brings together industry experts and thought leaders to delve into critical aspects of finance, fintech, and emerging opportunities. Some of the trends that caught my attention this year are: 

  1. Adapting credit cards for the digital age 
    Innovation within the credit card industry presents a dynamic and promising landscape, offering the prospect of exceptionally personalized credit solutions. Industry leaders recognize the potential to revolutionize credit cards, aligning them with the customized experiences of the digital age. The traditional concept of credit cards is evolving to digital technologies and data analytics that is more adaptable to individual consumers' unique financial needs and preferences, offering personalization that may extend not only to credit limits but also to rewards, interest rates, and user interfaces. 

  2. Opening the black box of credit scores through AI 
    The credit bureaus tell us what makes up a credit score, but how it really works is a black box. AI will deliver prescriptive, actionable instruction that lets people take control of their credit scores, empowering a new generation of borrowers, with a new crop of lenders to serve them.

  3. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and credit accessibility 
    Despite the promise of fintech, small businesses continue to face significant challenges when it comes to accessing credit. I sat in on a panel discussion called “Equitable Access to Credit for Small Businesses” and heard panelists from Mastercard and Wells Fargo emphasize that equitable access to credit and capital for diverse entrepreneurs is crucial for local and national economic growth. Our team is really focused on this theme (and recently wrote an article on it – click here to read). 

  4. Banking for SMBs: the shift from traditional to customer-centric  
    Traditional banks, rooted in established practices, have faced difficulties in meeting the changing demands of SMBs, especially when it comes to online services. New market entrants are introducing inventive and agile solutions tailored to specific needs of SMBs to tackle these issues, intensifying competition and compelling traditional banks to explore innovative avenues, pushing the sector towards more efficient and customer-centric solutions. Even established networks like Visa have recognized the burgeoning growth of small businesses and, in response, recently launched an instant savings program for SMBs, offering them opportunities to access savings and discounts on business-related products and services.