DBD activates Payfac operations with COS

Cross River

March 4, 2024

2 min read


DBD Ventures: an embedded payments solution for aspiring Payfacs

DBD Ventures supports the macro-trend of embedded payments through direct and white label solutions enabling software companies to start their journey in a PFAC Lite model and evolve seamlessly to operate as a PFAC when the maturity of their payments business warrants.

The opportunity: SaaS providers need to process payments to grow

With the rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses comes a deeper understanding of customer acquisition and retention strategies. By integrating an embedded finance infrastructure into existing, core functionalities, SaaS platforms can offer customers a wider range of services and create a layer of unprecedented convenience in this space. Many SaaS providers, however, face barriers to growth as they await the right tools to help them address fundamental payment challenges -- these tools are key to serving their customers at scale in the long-term.

The solution: fast, API-driven, merchant payouts

Upon seamlessly integrating into Cross River’s Operating System (COS), DBD Ventures, is able to give its customers access to the benefits of an API-driven bank core. Through this strategic banking partnership, DBD Ventures empowers SaaS providers to not only process payments, but also offers them the competitive advantage of faster payouts via same-day ACH, RTP® and FedNow®.

Cross River and DBD Ventures' partnership propels a robust ecosystem that addresses the evolving needs of the SaaS industry, supporting platforms in boosting revenue, improving customer experience and increasing product stickiness. The partnership facilitates the growth of SaaS platforms, expands the embedded payment landscape, and promises a lasting impact on the industry's financial operations.