Marketplace Lending

End-to-end lending solutions

Marketplace lenders enable access to credit for consumers and small businesses. Cross River facilitates the digital lending financial ecosystem through loan origination and ancillary services, such as payments, in an efficient, borrower friendly way, all with API-driven technology.

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Powered by API technology and personalized support

API technology—more than a lending solution

Cross River’s banking core, built on APIs, connects across products and enables platform lenders to operate seamlessly. A centralized technology infrastructure provides an efficient means for transmitting data for lending, loan processing, fund disbursements, payments and scale.

Uniformity of law

Cross River operationalizes its loan program for marketplace lenders via APIs and ensures regulations through one centralized regulatory body, the FDIC, and offers a standard loan agreement with NJ based interest rates for partners across all 50 states.

“Second Look” programs

Cross River partner investors buy and manage loans that others often decline allowing you to increase conversion, equipping more borrowers with essential funding and access to financial resources.

Variety of funding methods

Cross River’s APIs provide options. Partners can select a single payment rail or combination of payment rails for loan funding including ACH, XPay (Cross River's intrabanking solution) and more.

Compliance and underwriting validation

Cross River’s underwriting validation engine automates underwriting validation and compliance review via APIs prior to loan disbursement.

Program oversight

Cross River’s marketplace lending partnerships provide an end-to-end look at programs to ensure compliance and includes customized support for underwriting, loan origination, payments, balance sheet capacity and more.

Uses for marketplace lending

Debt consolidation


Home improvement

Auto loans

Installment loans

POS loans

Small business loans

Lines of credit

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What is a marketplace lender? 

A marketplace lender (MPL) is an online platform that accepts applications for a wide variety of loans and determines an applicant’s creditworthiness using an automated algorithm. 

How many loans has platform lending processed since inception? 

Since inception in 2008, Cross River’s platform lending team has originated over 80 billion loans.  

How does Cross River continue to manage risk and compliance with platform lenders?  

Marketplace lending partners provide access to data and other materials which allow CR to maintain proper oversight of all associated risks.  

Can partners expand to other products or services at Cross River as platform lenders?  

Partners can access adjacent offerings to customize their solutions to best meet the needs of customers. It is not uncommon for Cross River’s partners to begin with loan originations and extend the partnership to payments, cards and other products. All partners connect to a unified API-based core that enables growth and scalability.  

With what other products can Cross River support marketplace lenders?  

Cross River offers a full suite of products for marketplace lenders to enable long-term growth. Meet your customers’ needs beyond lending with Cross River’s full stack APIs. Scale your business infrastructure to incorporate payment rails ranging from ACH and wires to RTP and push-to-card or consider launching a card program with Cross River issuing services.

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