Capital Solutions

Tailored financial capital

Cross River provides asset-based financing solutions to emerging fintech companies.

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Financing solutions for every stage

Seasoning & Warehouse Facilities

Flexible solutions for your origination strategy. Cross River’s lending facilities allow platforms more flexibility and the ability to leverage assets across major ABS sectors.

Equity Investments

Cross River is investing in the fintech pioneers of tomorrow and supports early-stage companies at the intersection of financial services and technology.

Loan Retention & Investor Network

Access to Cross River’s balance sheet also means access to a network of balance sheets via our investor relationships. These relationships range from community banks to asset managers.

ABS Issuance & Risk Retention Financing

Cross River addresses originators' various financial needs such as asset-backed securities (ABS) issuance and risk retention financing.*

Quant Services & Investor Reporting

Cross River’s Quantitative Strategies Group is made up of quants, data scientists, research analysts and technologists. This team helps with predictive analytics, asset modeling and investor reporting.

*Securities offered through CRB Securities, LLC, Broker-Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC.