Solutions for loan financing

Sitting in the nexus of originators and investors, Cross River provides investors with high quality, cash-flowing purchase opportunities up and down the capital structure.

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Financing solutions for every investor

Whole Loan/Forward Flows

Cross River provides investors the opportunity to purchase high quality assets, including loans and participations, across the capital structure. Investors can access everything from consumer loans (closed end and revolving), solar loans, business and commercial real estate loans.

Warehouse Lending

Cross River provides asset-based financing solutions to fintech companies and investors. The team of collateral-based credit investors structures senior loans secured by unique financial assets.

ABS Issuance

Cross River addresses investors' various financial needs such as asset-backed securities (ABS) issuance and risk retention financing.*

Investor Reporting

Cross River’s PeerIQ provides consumer loan data analytics to streamline capital sourcing between online lenders and institutional loan buyers such as small banks. PeerIQ’s risk management platform, loan and borrower data sets, and data-verification tools help community banks and other loan buyers access the online-lending sector.

*Securities offered through CRB Securities, LLC, Broker-Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC.

We bridge the best of both worlds. The technology support you want, combined with the banking expertise you need to create a customized banking solution no matter what your business needs may be.