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Divvy uses Cross River issued cards to give businesses control over their spending

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Divvy: a solution for business expense management  

Divvy is known for giving businesses greater visibility into expenses. The Divvy platform allows businesses to manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate the need to build meticulous expense reports. In an effort to create additional value for their customers, Divvy partnered with Cross River to provide access to credit through custom charge cards. This provides Divvy’s customers with detailed insight into their expenditures, real-time tracking for every business transaction, and improved cash flow.  


An opportunity for customized charge cards  

When Divvy was looking for a new banking partner, it was key that the partner they would choose could provide more than just a simple bank charter for card programs. 

Divvy understood the importance of issuing cards to help business owners with their business spending needs and provide access to credit. For Divvy, cards would be an extension of their robust expense management platform. Using charge cards specifically would not only integrate real-time transaction data into Divvy’s existing software, a pillar for more informed decision making, but also would enable a smoother transaction journey for the customers who use them. As an example, travel & entertainment purchases, a significant portion of a business’ expenses, tend to have better acceptance with charge cards than with debit cards. With Divvy offering these cards, businesses would have the opportunity to capture charge card interchange revenue, which is often higher than debit interchange – creating an additional source of revenue. Charge cards also allow businesses to enable credit limit allocations based on employee or card and help restrict transactions as needed, all incorporating Cross River’s compliance and risk management framework.  

The Solution: Divvy Card issued by Cross River 

The Divvy Card was brought to market through Cross River’s complete card BIN sponsorship. Divvy was able to choose between using one of Cross River’s processor options or their own choice of processor. They were also able to select which one of the three major card networks to use. Divvy’s choice of Marquetta as processor and Visa as card network, exemplifies a customized cards program execution with full optionality and flexibility.  

Divvy’s customers can now create recurring or one-time spending budgets. These budgets can be set up using a variety of parameters such as event, team, location, or vendor. Companies can also set individual spending limits for every cardholder within each budget category. Plus, business owners can approve employee requests for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. 

Features of the Divvy Card include: 

  • Automatic spend tracking capabilities for card purchases 

  • Budget controls to help manage employee spend 

  • Instant virtual card issuance capabilities  

  • Tools for reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses 

  • Cardholder benefits from Visa 

  • Divvy rewards 


Cross River’s strong relationships with card networks and processors, its flexible program which allows integration with any processor of choice, and its dedicated implementation management team, ensured a powerful solution for Divvy’s specific needs. 


Since the Divvy Card launched in May 2021, Divvy has supported countless small businesses across the country. Within the last year, Divvy Card spend has doubled (Jan 2022 - Jan 2023) and the overall program has grown over 1800% since going live. The Cross River-Divvy Card partnership enabled Divvy to scale its business and has contributed to the elimination of expense management burdens for thousands of businesses across the US. 

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