Why Cross River

Our people and expertise

Our people are our core. Cross River was built by innovators – a group of individuals with a desire to create change and provide access to financial technology for millions of consumers. The Cross River Family is filled with caring, creative, responsible people who believe in the power of empowering consumers anytime, everywhere. We come from diverse backgrounds, and our varied experiences help create a rich set of perspectives and expertise that guide us every single day. Our people never settle – we challenge our ideas of what is possible in order to better meet the needs of our partners, fueling their growth.

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Our core values guide every decision we make


Humility is the ability to make everyone around us feel important, empowered and successful. Humility is not self-effacement. It is elevating others, while preserving a healthy sense of self and awareness of our own qualities and values.


Strive for truth, honesty and stand on worthy principles. Even when unpopular, truth and integrity results in infinite wisdom.


When we use our creative powers to meaningfully affect the world, it’s a very deep and satisfying pleasure and a sense of immense fulfillment.


Compassion is the source of energy for the heart. We receive most when we give.


Responsibility is the corollary of compassion and care. Accountability, however, is the ownership of an individual’s responsibilities.