Embedding finance with Cross River’s APIs

Cross River integrates its banking expertise into its technology, and its compliance-first mandate into its implementation processes. Using Cross River’s proprietary Operating System (COS), you can plug into a centralized banking infrastructure system, and connect to a matrix of API-driven products for effective fund origination and disbursement and money movement.

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Access to Cross River’s innovative platform provides a pathway to embed financial experiences for users across industries, enabling them to transact seamlessly and strengthen the flow of money movement.


Cross River’s versatile financial products are used by a wide range of partners, from payroll companies to insurance businesses and payment processors. With Cross River, you can tailor solutions and build products from an accessible list of APIs according to growing customer and market demands.

Long-term scalability

Cross River’s partners expand the scope of their offerings through a flexible platform. Provide your customers with a holistic scope of products, all connected through a centralized, API driven banking core. Realize your strategic vision with Cross River’s technology.

Consultative approach

Cross River’s advisory approach is individualized. By understanding partners’ specific needs, and nuanced challenges, Cross River offers a comprehensive approach, identifying opportunities and solutions at the crossroads of banking and technology.

Efficient implementation

All Cross River partners receive a dedicated implementation team and a robust compliance and risk management foundation to guarantee a fast, efficient, and secure process. In addition, once partners are integrated with one of Cross River’s APIs, access to others is seamless due to Cross River’s API-driven banking core. Connected once means connected always.

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We bridge the best of both worlds. The technology support you want, combined with the banking expertise you need to create a customized banking solution no matter what your business needs may be.