Compliance & Risk Management

Compliance and products built as one

Cross River’s compliance framework serves as a model for programs that are keeping speed with the pace of innovation and the demands of the market. We focus on providing a strong culture of compliance, which allows us to empower partners with leading technology, banking capabilities, risk management, and compliance systems.

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Compliance Framework

A strategic asset for our customers and their customers

Cross River strives to be the industry’s Gold Standard, requiring adherence to laws and regulations, as well as a solid compliance management system. We believe responsible corporate governance is imperative. Cross River incorporates people, processes, and technology to form a trusted internal Compliance Management System that includes:

  • Background checks

  • Underwriting

  • Federal & state licensure reviews

  • Policy & procedure reviews

  • Daily review of files

  • Sample transaction reviews

  • Site visits

  • Marketing, advertising & website reviews

  • Regulatory risk assessments

  • Extensive due diligence & annual review of relationships

  • Third party oversight

  • Comprehensive testing & monitoring programs

  • KYC / KYB reviews

Committed to responsibility and compliance

Cross River advocates for regulatory modernization, which we believe is critical to creating clear guidelines and standards without compromising accessibility to safe and affordable financial services. Cross River is dedicated to fair and responsible banking practices for all of our customers and our customers' customers.

A protective umbrella for our partners

Cross River holds its partners in the highest regard. We understand the complex, ever-shifting regulatory environment, and view the Compliance Framework under which we operate as a benefit and protective umbrella for our customers, employees, and shareholders.

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