Giving Back

Driving impactful change

Founded on the tenets of community and giving, Cross River seeks to shape a better tomorrow. We provide support and resources to organizations, schools and underserved communities through fostering financial inclusion and independence, generating economic development and impacting lives through community services. Partnered with organizations like Operation Hope, Cross River provides communities with hybrid in-person and virtual financial literacy workshops, free of charge.

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Doing more good

Foundation@ Cross River

Foundation@ Cross River supports initiatives, programs and projects that seek to provide not-for-profit and community organizations with funds and services needed to achieve their goals. Foundation@ Cross River is proud to invest and partner with impactful organizations as we work to build the foundation of education, foster community development and provide technology tools for the future.

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  • Small bank. Big impact.

    I am super appreciative to have received ongoing mentorship and support from my coach. It has been wonderful to have someone to bounce ideas off and it has helped me to feel more confident about my business and my ability to create something successful

    Ms. Watson

    Small Business Client HOPE Inside Brooklyn, NY - Cross River

  • Small bank. Big impact.

    I am happy I had the opportunity to take this training program and I look forward to working on increasing my credit as well. I felt like I’ve accomplished something important, and this success inspires me to keep working on my endeavors!

    Rachel Young-Didier

    Graduate Entrepreneur The Pink and Diamonds Collective, LLC