Merchant Acquiring Services

Embed payments, seamlessly

With Cross River’s API driven technology, providing card acceptance to your customers has never been easier. As a platform, payment facilitator, or payment service provider, embed payments and any payment rails to enable payouts for merchants in your ecosystem. Partners receive support across the merchant acquiring process including individual merchant subledgers that are fully routable, with processor integration, fund transfers and settlement, on top of acquiring BIN sponsorship. By offering ACH, push-to-card, wires, RTP, and intra-banking payment rails, you can provide your merchants with the choice of when and how they receive funds.

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Enabling the purchasing flow for merchants and customers.

Sector and size agnostic

Cross River’s robust compliance foundation provides confidence to partners and enables support for emerging categories across various verticals. The customizable product offerings provide solutions for small to medium-sized businesses as well as large global entities.

Multi product solutioning

Architect a payments ecosystem leveraging Cross River’s API-based banking core. Select the right API call for client needs. From required BIN sponsorship and ACH options to activating an instant funds flow via the push-to-card payment rail, Cross River is a one-stop-shop for all payments flows.

Provide merchant payouts in seconds

Faster payment systems create a pillar for better business management. While partners can select any payment rails, near real-time fund settlement between customers and merchants through Cross River’s push-to-card capabilities as well as RTP APIs allow instant access to funds for instant cash flow support.

Monitor the ecosystem you create

Cross River’s technology provides more than products. All programs include access to subledgers to ensure transparency, scalability and security on a merchant-by-merchant basis.

Centralized settlement account

All merchant transactions are visible in one centralized account at Cross River, making it easier to manage and assess daily reporting via API. Leveraging COS’s subledger, manage your merchant receivables, reserves and money movement all in one ecosystem.

Uses for merchant acquiring services




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  • By combining our established banking network with Stripe's renowned payments platform, we're enabling financial inclusion for this essential workforce by offering them quicker access to their money and more optionality in how they would like to receive it.

    Cross River is the trusted financial services organization that merges the established expertise of a bank, with the innovation and product offering of a technology company.

    Giles Gade

    CEO Cross River


What is an acquiring bank?  
Acquiring banks are financial institutions that provide merchants with the ability to accept card payments via sponsorship into card networks.  

Is merchant acquiring available for debit and credit payment options?  
Yes, Cross River’s sponsorship enables merchants to allow debit or credit card-based transactions. ACH is also a commonly used payment modality to enable payments acceptance.  

How do I know which product/payment rail is right to offer my merchants?  
Cross River believes in a tailored approach, creating a custom roadmap for your goals. Contact one of our solutions architects here for a consultative discussion.  

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