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Sunlight Financial in Partnership with Cross River Bank Announce the Successful Sale of Approximately $300 Million Solar Loan Asset Pool

Cross River

January 10, 2024

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Sunlight Financial Holdings Inc. (“Sunlight”), a leading point-of-sale finance company advancing the clean energy transition with technology-driven solutions, today announced a significant transaction in partnership with Cross River Bank (“Cross River”). Together, Sunlight and Cross River sold a pool of approximately $300 million in solar loan assets, demonstrating strong market confidence in Sunlight-sourced solar loans. The pool was acquired by a leading international investment entity renowned for its forward-thinking approach and substantial financial footprint.

"The quality and performance of Sunlight's solar loan assets are a testament to the company's diligence and innovative approach,” said Noah Cooper, Chief Investment Officer of Cross River. “This transaction affirms investor trust and ongoing value in the residential solar sector."

Coupled with the recent capital infusion, this move signals Sunlight's strong comeback and financial resilience while setting the stage for renewed expansion. Looking ahead, Sunlight is poised with a strong pipeline of innovative financing solutions and initiatives, reaffirming its commitment to installation partners and the market’s demand for its assets.


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