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Leverage Cross River's technology infrastructure to enable seamless merchant experiences and scale your business.

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Multi-Rail Optionality

Process faster, 24/7, merchant payouts

By partnering with Cross River, fintechs can offer multi-rail payout optionality and enable any of the following payment rails.

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Same-Day ACH




Cross River's priority is to build a comprehensive, scalable, and compliance-oriented platform to help propel our acquiring partners.


Esteban Marin

Head of Payments, Relationship Management Cross River


Fintechs are in need of simplified embedded finance systems that deliver exceptional customer experiences. With our regulatory infrastructure and expertise, we can help partners provide merchants with access to the latest payment technologies.


Sri Iyer

Senior Product Director, Payments Cross River

Our partners

Fintechs, with and without an existing acquiring bank, work with Cross River to build stronger merchant relationships.

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Payment facilitators



Benefits of Cross River as an Acquiring Bank

Real time access to transaction status and data via API

Full settlement transparency for entire flow of funds

Merchant payouts can be made in seconds with RTP® & FedNow®

Underwriting for payment facilitators

Acquiring BIN & FBO account sponsorships

Customizable & scalable solutions


What type of acquiring platforms does Cross River support? Cross River offers acquiring BIN Sponsorship solutions for platforms categorized as ISOs, PayFacs, Marketplaces, Merchant of Records, ISVs, mobile wallets, and more. Reach out to learn more about a partnership.

Does Cross River also provide acquiring processing capabilities? Cross River offers full processing capabilities for single-message transactions for Visa Direct, MasterCard Send and the debit card networks. For dual-message purchase transactions, Cross River can work with a variety of different processors to authorize the transactions. We do support a "bring your own" processor model. Settlement would be completed through the COS bank core (Cross River's Operating System).

How do I know which product/payment rail is right to offer my merchants?   Cross River believes in a tailored approach, creating a custom roadmap for your goals. Contact one of Cross River's solutions experts for a consultative discussion.

Which Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are not supported? Cross River has a "high brand risk license" with Visa and recognizes that certain types of merchants carry more risk than others or require specialized expertise to monitor merchant activity and control risk. For these reasons, Cross River prohibits and will not consider the following: merchants or owners/principals on MATCH, CBDs or marijuana related, medical devices, nutraceuticals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical sales, adult products, weapons and ammunitions. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive.

What settlement payout options can I offer my merchants by connecting to Cross River's Operating System? By enabling the merchant flow via COS, you can activate a multi-rail payout experience for onboarded merchants. Payouts can be processed with API-based wires, same-day ACH,24/7 push-to-card, RTP® or FedNow® payment rails. Cross River only supports API-based payment instructions.

As a platform that works with a range of merchants, what features can help monitor merchant transactions for greater compliance oversight? Cross River is at the forefront of regulatory compliance for merchant acquiring. Cross River uses fully routable subledgers and merchant customer records for each merchant, allowing for precise merchant accounting, reconciliation, and settlement. This structure provides all Cross River partners (acquiring platforms in this instance) with real-time insights into merchant transactions while maintaining the highest standard for oversight and compliance. Transparency is the pathway to compliance.

How does Cross River support with merchant disputes?   Chargebacks occur when customers dispute transactions charged by merchants. Cross River routinely monitors the merchant activity to help partners prevent elevated dispute levels.

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A partnership with Cross River provides access to an Acquiring BIN Sponsorship, seamless payment facilitation from card networks, a Cross River sponsored FBO account, faster merchant payouts, subledgers, and more. Ensure a transparent experience for your end-to-end merchant acquiring solutions.