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Loan Sales Program

We offer Community Banks and Credit Unions access to high quality, geographically diverse pools of consumer loans while minimizing transaction costs.

A Leading National Marketplace

The Cross River Bank Marketplace is an ecosystem of fintech
platforms and marketplace lending investors.

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High-Quality, Differentiated Loan Pools from Trusted Partners

Prime Segment Geographically Diverse Trusted Partners
We originate and retain prime, unsecured, personal loans by working with the nation’s top online lending platforms. We evaluate every platform we work with to ensure they have a robust “fin” infrastructure and not only the “tech.”
Loan pools of $15MM–$100MM+ are immediately available for purchase via participation structure.
Bulk sale and forward flow agreements are also available.

A Seamless Experience Designed
for Community Banks and Credit Unions

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Efficient Loan Purchasing

Seamless diligence on loan pool stratifications, cash flow forecasts, and loan loss reserves (ALLL & CECL) through our analytics platform. Simplified risk management including comprehensive diligence packages and data room access.

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Reporting and Investor Support

Digital access to customizable reporting and an expert team of professionals on call to support any inquiry.

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Portfolio Analysis and Optimization Tools

Real time portfolio monitoring with hundreds of metrics across prepays, losses, and returns.

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Regulatory Oversight and Compliance

Cross River Bank consistently stays ahead of the regulatory oversight required of a bank to form trusted internal controls focused on delivering the highest level of consumer protection.


Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring

Web-Based Consumer Credit Analytics Engine

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Providing best-in-class monitoring tools for Loan Pool analysis through our affiliate partnership with PeerIQ.

Cross River Bank has been instrumental in our bank’s recent expansion efforts in the consumer lending space.

PeerIQ’s integrated analytics platform includes loan-level granularity and robust forecasting models that give us actionable insights so we can better understand the true performance of our loan portfolios.

We can now leverage vast quantities of benchmarking and historical data to extrapolate loss and prepayment curves better preparing us for the unexpected by identifying when adverse events throughout the lifecycle of a loan are more likely to occur.”

- A satisfied Cross River partner bank

We’d enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can collaborate with you on your loan purchasing needs. Please use the form below to get in touch.
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Co-Head of Capital Markets
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